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Multi-Laserdisc Barcode Retrieval System

By Visual Database Systems

The Eye Witness One.

The Visual Database Systems EYW System is a LaserBarcode controller for a stack of up to 4 Pioneer Laserdisc players with an integral audio/video switcher designed for use in advanced LaserBarcode applications plus remote IR receiver and rack mount housing. Up to 16 players may be controlled with custom variations.

LaserBarcode is a popular system for control of Laserdisc players that allows searches and optionally playback of selections that are prerecorded on a Laserdisc. A single Laserdisc can contain 30 minutes of motion video in the fast access CAV mode or double that in CLV mode with the accompanying loss of ability to freeze on a single frame and increased search times.

Users who need more video playback time are faced with the option of switching laserdiscs (which can take a minute or two) or using the Pioneer UC-V330 autochanger that can hold 72 discs but still takes over half a minute to change discs.

The EYW System is designed to have multiple discs available without any time penalty to change the volume and allow searches from any disc in the same amount of time as on a single player. This is accomplished by using the barcode format defined for the UC-V330 and LaserBarcode adapter but instead of changing the disc, selecting the appropriate player's control line and audio and video output and showing this on the monitor. Performance of the system is dependent on which players are selected - Use of Pioneer LD-V8000 players will allow < 1 second searches with CAV discs and use of LD-V2600 players will result in searches of approx. 3 seconds.

The heart of the system is the EYW-1 controller which consists of a modified version of the Pioneer LBA-15 LaserBarcode Adapter (manufactured for Pioneer by VDS) and a custom electronic audio/video switch to select which player source is displayed. The required control cabling is also provided.

Standard Pioneer LaserBarcode readers such as their models UC-V108BC and UC-V109BC can be used for reading the barcode and they can either be connected directly to the EYW-1 controller or be received by a Pioneer MR-100 remote ir receiver which is connected to the EYW-1 by an extension cable allowing mounting in a location that can easily pick up the IR signal from the reader.

A rack mount kit with transport case is available as an option.Dimensions are 36-3/4" high by 25" x 23-1/4" (rack mount version) 34-1/2" high with outercase removed.

EYW-1 controller with receiver in a custom rack-mount case with casters $3,500.00

Availability: 30 days A.R.O. FOB Scotts Valley, CA 95066.

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